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Twelve years, and four psychiatrists.

I'm Amelia, and you're late!

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Name:Amy Pond Williams
This is a role playing journal for the Doctor Who character of Amelia Jessica Pond aka Amy Pond aka Amy Williams. I don't own any rights to the character or the show and have no connection with Karen Gillan, the actress who plays Amy, in any way. This is just for fun, folks. Step into the TARDIS, if you dare...

Mun & Muse are both over the age of eighteen.

Images are from tumblr. Artist Unknown. Please tell me if this is yours and I will credit appropriately. : -)

Amelia: The Short Form

Amy Pond's history with the Doctor is long and involved, as any decent time travel scenario would be. She encountered him when she was seven and he was new to his eleventh incarnation, but she didn't become a companion until she was a young woman. For the Doctor, very little time had passed since their meeting. For Amy, it had been many years and quite a few psychiatrists, since no one believed her when she told them of her 'Raggedy Man'.

They shared many, many adventures together, sometimes wonderful, sometimes terrifying, sometimes with Amy's future husband, Rory Williams, and sometimes just with the two of them. Due to a crack in her bedroom wall, she lost her family and through the course of her friendship with the Time Lord, she lost him and Rory more than once - or thought she had. The Doctor has a way of pulling off the most extra-ordinary 'happy endings'.

Amy and Rory are the parents of Melody Pond, also known as River Song. Amy keeps in touch with River, comparing their journals as to where each of them are currently situated in each other's time lines. All three have a few adventures with the Doctor as a family, though for some of them, Amy and Rory had no idea River was their daughter.

After dealing with stressful careers and the usual troubles that can occur between two people in love, Amy chose to let one of the Weeping Angels send her back in time, to join Rory, who had just been sent by the same angel. As Fate would have it, they reunited and lived out a long, happy life, even adopting a son. Neither of them ever saw the Doctor again.

Amy is determined, witty, stubborn, intelligent, funny, questioning, instinctive and adaptable - all elements necessary for a companion of the Doctor. Don't piss her off or mess with her 'boys' or her daughter or tell her that there's no way out of a drastic circumstance. She trusts her instincts, the Doctor, Rory and River, and she would fight - and has fought - to defend them. 'Fierce' would also be a good word for Amy.
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